Acea for Girandola 2019

27 June 2019 Piazza del Popolo, Rome

The public will be able to admire the fireworks from the Pincio Terrace and from Piazza del Popolo, which will also host various other events from the afternoon onwards, including a performance of the Fanfare by the Carabinieri Armed Service.
The origins of La Girandola are deeply rooted in the ancient past: manuscripts from the mid-seventeenth century tell of firework displays staged to celebrate saints, holidays, commemorative days or the official openings of architectural structures. The fireworks were the grand finale of the festival, the moment that marked the conclusion of a day or period of celebrations and shows.
By supporting La Girandola, Acea confirms its deep connection with Rome and its traditions, through actions designed to promote the city’s artistic and cultural heritage.
Other examples of its commitment in this direction include its artistic illumination projects and initiatives such as the international “Make Christmas Lights Acea” contest launched a few weeks ago to find the best creative idea for the capital’s Christmas illuminations.


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