The Popes of the Councils of the modern era

From 17 may to 9 december 2018 Musei Capitolini

Acea decided to support the exhibition "The Popes of the Councils of the modern era", promoted by Roma Capitale, and created and organised by the European Centre for Tourism and Culture. The exhibition, set against the prestigious background of the Capitoline Museums, will host thirty works of great artistic value until next December, which will help us retrace history in the steps of key figures of the Church at the time of the three Councils in the modern era. Acea has always been aware of the value of the City's cultural events and has chosen to closely support this event, which is one of the jewels in the 2018 cultural programme adding to the Capital's prestige.  

Capitoline Museums 
17 May - 9 December 2018 


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