Roma Summer Fest

From 26 may to 1 august 2018 Cavea Auditorium Parco della Musica

The new summer festival of Fondazione Musica per Roma will host over 40 live concerts against the prestigious background of the Auditorium Parco della Musica throughout the summer. Acea has always been sensitive to the value of the City's cultural events. It is sponsoring the festival, which aims to become one of the main international, musical events and add to the Capital's prestige by offering a wide-ranging calendar of first-class concerts. The film review opens on 26 May with the first date in the new European tour of the English group, which has revolutionised rock music in the new millennium: the Artic Monkeys. This is just the first name in a series of successful, national and international artists - such as Sting, Patti Smith and Noel Gallagher - who will take turns in the Auditorium Cavea until the festival closes on 1 August with the folk band Bandabardò.

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Flyer of the Roma Summer Fest 2018


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