Light and places, culture and quality

From 17 to 18 may 2018 MAXXI

The future of illumination and the new technologies, the importance of training, research and project design to create "quality light" are just some of the topics of discussion at the AIDI National Congress (Italian Association of Illumination), which is being held in Rome on 17 and 18 May at the MAXXI Auditorium, the museum of contemporary arts.

Acea is “Meeting Supporter” for the congress, an important occasion to discuss in detail the major topics regarding the world of light with the leading players in the sector (designers, lighting designers, university lecturers, research centres, authorities, companies and utilities).

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The three themed sessions

Light in illuminating artistic and architectural assets

The importance of using light correctly in "visible", artistic and architectural environments thanks to the lighting. Light is a living material and becomes an integral part of the project design.

Lighting in the smart city

The design of "quality" urban lighting within the concept of the Smart city.

New frontiers in lighting: innovation in technological and project design

New areas of application for lighting and new possibilities for construction and project design


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