The advertising campaign "For a new water culture" is off to a start

17 july 2018 Frosinone e provincia

In July 2018, Acea Ato 5 decided to begin the communications campaign to raise residents' awareness of a sensible use of water and to highlight the company’s pledge to the local community to efficiently and responsibly manage the water resource.

In fact, water is common property and should be protected. Thanks to the contribution made by customers when they pay their bill, Acea Ato 5 manages to work on the water network every day, in order to make it efficient, resilient and to ensure that the opportunely analysed water arrives from the source to the taps in our homes every day.

Unfortunately, however, there are still too many cases of illegal use and non-payment, which seriously affects service quality and bills. If everyone were to pay, the tariff would be 40% less and at the same time it would be easier to improve and upgrade services. 

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Stefano Magini, President of Acea Ato 5, the water supply service provider in the province of Frosinone, explains the importance of a new water culture, where everyone is called on to play their part. Illegal activities and arrears actually weigh on the entire community. If everyone were to pay for their water, we would be able to recover approximately EUR 200 million to put towards the network and our plants. More lawfulness means more investments.


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