Smart working: better quality for people’s work and life

One day a week, Andrea’s work is a “smart worker”, with more independence as regards deciding where and how to manage his job. Andrea is one of the roughly 700 members of the Acea Group staff to have opted for smart working.

Starting from July 2018, with the implementation of the trade union agreement, Acea has extended to all its staff the possibility of a smart working contract.
Better work-life balance, higher motivation and sense of accountability: those who try it immediately realise its benefits. There are also environmental advantages in terms of the amount of CO2 saved because of not having to travel from home to the workplace.

It is a way to find the best balance between private and professional life. Right now it is a tool that allows me to live both in the most effective manner.

What a smart worker does

Andrea, a 33-year old engineer, works in the HR sector. He started working with Acea about three years ago, then began his smart working experience. One day a week he works from home, keeping in touch with his supervisor and colleagues through the online platform dedicated to smart units.

Before working for Acea, I had already tested smart working in another company, and I find it very useful in terms of work-leisure time balance. If you think that working from home means working less, you are mistaken. A smart working day for me is demanding, but also more effective because I can deal with several needs at the same time.

Andrea Marricchi

Human resources

For Andrea, “smart” working in particular facilitates an optimal work-life balance, in terms of time and organisation: as a matter of fact his choice was due exactly to the need of combining professional and personal commitments in the best possible way, after his son Federico was born, who is now 9 months old.

"I am able to follow requests from my colleagues or supervisor, but at the same time it possible for me to do some things for the family. My child is a few months old, and when there is a nappy to change I can do it. It is something that takes 5-10 minutes and can be done during work breaks. This is an exceptional added value offered by smart working.”

To work from home you do not need special tools: just those made available by the company as standard, for example laptop smartphone and Internet connection. 

I communicate with my colleagues as if we were in the same office building, but on different floors. It’s all very natural and straightforward.

At Acea, smart working has restyled traditional working patterns, focusing on more independence for employees and requiring commitment by objectives and deadlines.
This evidence already emerged after the E.L.E.N.A. pilot project, tested for 9 months (2016-2017), in partnership with the Research Centre at Bocconi University.

Apart from satisfaction and wellbeing, smart working also has a positive impact on the work performance of the whole company. On the one hand, the manager develops a new model of remote leadership, based on principles of delegation and trust, on the other side the smart worker has an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Smart workers said that being able to work independently helps enhance accountability and, at the same time, it fosters mutual trust and constant collaboration with supervisors in the office.

“In my experience, smart working is something I would do every day”, says. “Ever since I started, I have been feeling more productive, not just during a smart working day, but also when I work in the office. It is the ideal way to work by objectives. As a matter of fact, I believe that this is exactly the direction towards which the job market is moving.”


Environmental advantages

Working from home is beneficial for the life of a smart worker, but also for the city where they live, for example because they do not have to travel from home to the workplace.

Fewer private cars on the road means less traffic, fewer CO2 emissions, therefore environmental advantages for the community and the environment.

Environmental advantages of smart working at the Acea Group