Macro objective 4

Macro objective 4: to promote health and safety throughout the value chain

Strategy: prevention and dissemination of a safety culture, internally and externally, throughout the value chain, via training and awareness, increasing inspection and control activities
Area of action: Workplace health and safety for the Group’s employees

Operational objective:
- To promote a workplace health and safety culture

Area of action: Workplace health and safety for contractors and subcontractors

Operational objective:
- To enhance contractors’ awareness with regard to workplace health and safety

Area of action: Health and safety for the communities where the Group operates

Operational objective:
- To ensure the health and safety of customers and the local communities in connection with the various services provided

SDGs related to the Sustainability Plan

Business Plan objectives associated with macro objective 4 of the Sustainability Plan:
  • Industrial growth focused on infrastructural development and on a customer-centred approach