Macro objective 2

Macro objective 2: to valorise individuals for Group growth

Strategy: training, valorisation of know-how acquired (active ageing) and development plans for young people, sharing of strategic decisions and introduction of sustainability in performance management systems
Area of action: Professional and training valorisation and development of skills

Operational objective:
- To valorise and enhance human capital skills

- To invest in development and improvement of the system for evaluating and recruiting people

Area of action: Involvement of individuals in Group identity

Operational objective:
- To promote implementation of the new “execution” organisation

- To increase the level of involvement of company staff

- To define and promote an employer branding plan

Area of action: Inclusion and organisational wellbeing

Operational objective:
- To survey and improve the organisational wellbeing of all company staff

- To valorise diversities and promote inclusion

SDGs related to the Sustainability Plan

Business Plan objectives associated with macro objective 2 of the Sustainability Plan:
  • Strong development of technology and innovation applied to the automation of industrial processes and enhancement of customer experience from a smart services perspective
  • Operational efficiency based on performance improvement, investment discipline and cost management logics