Macro objective 1

Macro objective 1: to promote customer centricity

Strategy: to achieve challenging levels of commercial and technical quality as regards the services provided and improve the channels of communication for complete satisfaction of customer requirements
Area of action: Improvement of communications with customers

Operational objective:
- To develop web presence and digital channels consistent with communications requirements and the Group’s positioning

Area of action: Improvement of service quality

Operational objective:
- To improve the commercial quality of services

- To improve the technical quality of services

SDGs related to the Sustainability Plan

Business Plan objectives associated with macro objective 1 of the Sustainability Plan:
  • industrial growth focused on infrastructural development and on a customer-centred approach
  • constant attention to the territory via sustainable development oriented towards decarbonisation and the circular economy to be pursued through continuous dialogue with stakeholders
  • strong development of technology and innovation applied to the automation of industrial processes and enhancement of customer experience from a smart services perspective