2018-2022 Sustainability Plan

Sustainability Plan 2018-2022

Acea has identified sustainable growth as a strategic objective.
The new Sustainability Plan, approved by the Board of Directors, was prepared at the time of drawing up the Group’s 2018-2022 Business Plan and shares the same principles directed towards sustainable development.

These two strategic planning documents illustrate business development from two viewpoints: one giving importance to aspects associated with the economic soundness of industrial growth and the other to the results forecast vis-à-vis stakeholders and considering a social and environmental profile, within the framework of Acea’s material aspects and the relevant sustainable development goals (SDGs) defined by the UN.

The 2018-2022 Sustainability Plan comprises 6 transversal (governance level) objectives, intended to integrate sustainability into corporate governance, and 5 operational macro objectives, divided into 137 targets for 2022 and related KPIs. 

In 2018 a first monitoring of the Plan’s progress at governance level and operational level was carried out and was then reported during the course of Sustainability Consultation meetings. 78% of the sustainability targets (operational level) envisaged interventions carried out during the year.