2018-2022 Sustainability Plan

Sustainability Plan 2018-2022

Acea has identified sustainable growth as a strategic objective.
The new Sustainability Plan, approved by the Board of Directors, was prepared at the time of drawing up the Group’s 2018-2022 Business Plan and shares the same principles directed towards sustainable development.

These two strategic planning documents illustrate business development from two viewpoints: one giving importance to aspects associated with the economic soundness of industrial growth and the other to the results forecast vis-à-vis stakeholders and considering a social and environmental profile.

The following are some of the elements characterising the Sustainability Plan:
  • interventions related to water and electrical infrastructures, improving the quality of services and reducing environmental impacts
  • the development of “Smart Grid” and “Smart City” technological innovation projects, with constant attention to both the territory and customers
  • actions aimed at adaptation to and combatting climate change
  • the circular economy

The general structure of the Sustainability Plan is consistent with the framework of the previous 2016-2020 Plan: 6 transversal governance level objectives and 5 operational macro objectives. The elements of discontinuity and evolution are highlighted by the 135 targets for 2022, which make up the operational macro objectives. The significant overall increase in the number of targets (+52% compared to the 2016-2020 Plan’s 89 targets) in fact reflects the introduction of new contents: 91 completely new targets were defined, whilst only 44 were confirmed and updated to 2022.