Corporate Governance

Acea Corporate Governance system 

For the dissemination and storage of regulated information, Acea SpA has chosen the 1INFO system ( ), which is managed by Computershare SpA with registered office in Milan, Via Lorenzo Mascheroni 19, and is authorized by Consob.

The Corporate Governance system adopted by Acea S.p.A. is based on a series of principles, rules and procedures, in line with the criteria of the Corporate Governance Code of listed companies promoted by Borsa Italiana (the Italian stock exchange). Acea’s corporate governance system was also drawn up on the basis of CONSOB recommendations, and more generally, on the basis of international  best practices.

Acea has adopted a corporate governance system that is basically aimed at creating value for its shareholders over the medium-long term, being aware of the social relevance of the Group’s business and the need therefore to adequately take account of all the interests involved in running its business.

The governance model of Acea is based on the principles of transparency, balance and separation between  planning, management and control activities.  

The Board of Directors of Acea SpA defines the Group's strategic direction and is responsible for governing the management thereof. As recommended by the Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies, the BoD has set up two internal Committees that make recommendations and provide advice: the Risk and Control Committee and the Appointment and Remuneration Committee.

Pursuant to the requirements of Consob, the BoD has also set up the Related Party Transactions Committee, entirely composed of independent directors who are assigned investigative, proposal-making and consulting duties and powers  aimed at assessing and making decisions on transactions with related parties. Finally, the Board of Statutory Auditors carries out supervisory activities.

Corporate governance and ownership structure report

The report contains information on the Corporate Governance system of the Company and on the state of compliance with the recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code for listed companies issued by Borsa Italiana. In accordance with the Instructions of Borsa Italiana SpA, the report is updated at least once a year. 

Download the Report 2017
Approved: 14/04/2018