Ethics and Sustainability Committee

Ethics and Sustainability Committee

The Ethics and Sustainability Committee is a collegiate body with full and independent action and control powers, delegated to provide advisory support and make proposals to the Board of Directors in connection with corporate ethics and environmental, social and governance matters (ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance).

The main tasks of the Committee include:

  • To promote the integration of sustainability as part of the company’s strategies and culture and encourage its dissemination with employees, shareholders, users, customers, the community and, more generally, all stakeholders;
  • To oversee sustainability issues, also insofar as concerns the reporting set forth by Legislative Decree 254/2016, in connection with the execution of business activities and the interaction dynamics pertaining to the latter vis-à-vis all stakeholders, and review the main corporate rules and procedures of relevance in their dealings with the same;
  • To review the Sustainability Plan guidelines and the procedures for implementation thereof and monitor the said implementation;
  • To monitor, for all matters within its sphere of competence, the adequacy of the Code of Ethics and effective implementation thereof.


Gabriella Chiellino


Michaela Castelli

Giovanni Giani