The Acea Brand: Roman identity

The Acea Brand: how the Company’s image has changed over the years

When the Municipal Company was established, the directors didn’t feel it was important to create a Company logo. It was the Municipal Authority that supplied citizens with electricity and water, and the institution didn’t need a logo to advertise its services. The letters SPQR were however a symbol many people could identify with, a symbol of power, one that guaranteed stability and dependability. In 1926, with Italy under fascist rule, the City Council was abolished in favour of the Governorate of Rome and the Company was renamed Aeg (Azienda elettrica del Governatorato of Rome). In 1937, the Rome Administration entrusted the municipal water service to the Company; now a water services operator, the Company changed its name to Agea (Azienda governatoriale elettricità e acque). It was after the war that the name was changed to Azienda Comunale Elettricità ed Acque. 

This is the first time the Company logo was used as can be seen on official documents in our archives. Below the symbol for Rome, the Company name is shown in full and written in simple, linear letters, hailing to the essential architectural style of the time. 

Towards the end of 1944 , the Company changed its name from “Governatoriale” to "Comunale”, and was now called Acea

With the 1980’s came the introduction of technologies to help reduce environmental impact, and the Company had a more responsible approach to nature. It was in fact the word “environment” that inspired a change in the logo: Acea was short for Azienda Comunale Energia ed Ambiente (Electricity and Environment Company of the City of Rome). The characters used were no longer those of the simple style of previous years, and a more classic and traditional approach was taken. This choice was probably dictated by the need to change the Company’s image.

The Special Company

In 1992 Acea became a Special Company with autonomous funds and new By-laws. At the time Acea felt the need to create its own image no longer associated with Rome’s Municipal Authority. In March of that year a national tender was called to create a new logo which would reflect the Company’s strength in every way. The tender was won by Frank Stahlberg, the art director of Meeting Point.

The Acea logo lent slightly to the right and the letters used were black italics, and all lower-case except for the “c”, which was coloured and repeated like the projection of a shadow in three different colour variations: blue, green and yellow. That “c” represented a stylised turbine (an essential element in power stations) and the three colours represented the Company’s various business segments, water (blue), electricity (yellow) and the environment (green). Acea’s full name, Azienda Comunale Energia ed Ambiente (Electricity and Environment Company of the City of Rome) is shown next to the last vowel. The four words in the Company name, in lower-case italics, are aligned with the logo. Only the “turbine”, represented by the letter “c”, lies outside the margins, almost as if there’s been a sudden impulse, a movement that leaves a trail in its wake. 

First of January 1998

On the first of January 1998 the Special Company Acea became a joint-stock company, to be listed on the Italian stock exchange the following year. The move to become a joint-stock company was a huge incentive for the Company, which found itself with a new lease of life after 90 years.

December 2000

After being listed on the stock exchange, in December 2000 Acea changed its logo once more. This new process of transformation resulted in the restyling of the new logo by Antonio Romano’s Area Strategic Design. The new joint-stock company’s logo showed the name Acea in blue lower-case letters between two orange and green curves. The same characters and colours, green and blue, were used, while yellow took on a more intense hue to become orange. The new logo used simple, dynamic shapes and colours to reflect the variety of services offered.

Today, Acea wants to send consumers an implicit but also direct message: that it’s there for them every day providing its services, with efficient discretion.

Three different sized squares in the classic Company colours. This Acea logo was created by Inarea towards the end of 2010. It’s a logo in continuous evolution, with an extraordinary number of possible combinations. A new visual identity to underline the transformation of our industrial Group.

2017 - The new logo