Mission and values

Mission and values

The new identity

Acea determines the fundamentals and strategic objectives on which its growth path will be based via the 2018-2022 Business Plan. A strong drive is given to infrastructural investments, as regards both the water and the electricity sectors. Resilient technology and innovation, with special attention to sustainable development, for the environment and for the people.

The Group’s new pillars are:

  • Industrial Growth
  • Local focus and sustainability
  • Technology, Innovation and Quality
  • Operational efficiency

Agreement with Open Fiber

Acea has reached an agreement with Open Fiber for the development of a broadband communications network in the city of Rome. The project provides for the implementation of a next-generation fibre optic infrastructure designed to offer ultrafast connectivity to Rome’s residents over the next five years. The network will enable a series of services in the cultural, healthcare, social and business development and Public Administration fields, also via the implementation of new applications for telecommunications and remote control of power and water networks.