Managerial Academy

The Managerial Academy is the Acea project, realised in collaboration with Ama and Atac Roma and with the scientific partnership of the Luiss Business School, aimed at forming excellent leaders capable of guiding the evolution of multi-utility companies in Italy. Our objective is to build the distinctive skills that will allow us to optimise our management of the services offered, so as to provide increasingly effective responses to customers’ requirements.

The Academy consists of two training programs – Elios and Aurora – based on the Leadership model and focused on three dimensions: “oneself” (initiative and achievement); “others” (teamwork, mobilising talent and developing relationships) and “the market” (knowledge of the reference business and value creation).

Logo of the Managerial Academy of Acea Spa

Elios Programme

This programme, directed at senior managers, uses an interactive teaching method to tackle issues associated with: Decision Making, Problem Solving, Leadership, Strategic Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Open Innovation, Entrepreneurship. In 2020, the programme was divided into 5 training sessions, held entirely online, involving the overall participation of 74 people.

Aurora Programme

Initially intended for company recruits aged under 35, the programme is directed towards people included on professional development courses. The programme provides for participants’ engagement on various topics with a view to learning more about the Group’s business, enhancing teamwork skills and developing organisational awareness. In 2020, we redesigned the programme in order make it suitable for remote use and from January 2021 4 training sessions were launched with a total of 76 participants.

Diagram of the Aurora program of Acea Spa