The Digital Academy is a training programme addressed to the entire corporate population with a view to enhancing the digital competences and skills considered strategic for the Group, in keeping with industrial objectives and to support the industrial evolution and innovation processes.

These competences are defined within the context of Acea’s “Digital DNA”, a model for mapping digital competences intended as the ability to utilise personal, social and/or methodological knowledge and capabilities, applied to work situations and as part of professional and personal development.

We measured the level of coverage for each of the digital competences making up the Digital DNA by asking over 4,000 Group colleagues to complete a questionnaire. Based on the data collected, 12 training courses were held, with a view to filling the gap identified:


  • the Digital Evolution, Digital Culture and Development of digital potential courses concerned the dissemination of functional elements for triggering a change in the organisational mindset and sharing a new language, acting on the cultural dimension


  • the New Clients, Customer Journey, Data Analytics, Data Driven, Industry 4.0, IoT, Agile, Service Design and Salesforce training courses introduced knowledge and skills consistent with technological and digital developments and the increasingly central role taken on by the customer.

To date (April 2021) the above listed courses have involved 1,283 colleagues.